Sunday, December 20, 2009

20 December: Media Update

Day of

“Toronto Heats Up as Torch Reaches Downtown”

- Where we get more attention than a Golden Globe nominated director! Also ridiculous typo: “No One Is Legal” instead of “No One Is Illegal”

“Protesters Block Olympic Torch Relay”

- Use the general callout (instead of press release!) to give reasons for Olympic resistance – one of the only news outlets to use it, in fact.

“Update: Protests force Olympic torch diversion downtown”

- They mention a protest, someone’s angry reaction, and nothing about our cause or why we are protesting.

“Toronto torch route blocked by protestors”

- Another short mention that a protest happened, but nothing else.

“Protest causes blip in Toronto torch run”

- Same article as the National Post’s.

“Olympic torch delayed by Toronto protesters”

- Also took parts of the Call out.

“Olympic torch gets warm welcome to Toronto, but group of protesters block route”

- Also very similar to the National Post article. Taken from Canadian Press. Doesn’t mention reason for protest.

“Olympic torch relay travels down Yonge St.”

- Another brief mention of protest.

Day after

“Olympic torch relay hits trouble”

- Much of the same quotes used as the day of the relay, but it does give some of the reasons for protest, has a quote from one of our spokespeople, and a disagreeing, though more moderate, quote from an onlooker.

“Love for an old flame”

- The title really says it all. They incorrectly state that most of the protesters were native, that there were only 100 total, though they change it paragraphs later to say 200, then apparently only ask a police official what the protest is about – who, of course, says he doesn’t know.

“Olympic flame winding through”

- Very short, again takes lines from the call out. First one to mention any arrests. Mostly just talks about how there are no disruptions today.

“Olympic torch begins second-leg of T.O. run”

- Gives more information about the arrests. Very brief mention of rationale behind protest. Seemed more concerned with the arrest part.

“Olympic torch relay encounters protesters in Toronto”

- First international coverage I’ve come across. Ironically, Chinese journalists seem to know more about why the protest happened than Canadian ones.

“Akshay’s marathon interrupted”

- As the title implies, primarily focuses on Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar and how his run was interrupted. No mention of reasons for protests.

“Akshay runs for Canadians in -8’C”

- From India Times. They mostly talk about Akshay, obviously, but they do mention the protests and some of the motives behind them.

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